Kasanova Exposes Alkaline As A Fraud Onstage – Listen His New Single Now You Know

Kasanova would have the original formula? If this news is far from non sense : this turns Alkaline living his carreer as a carbon copycat in Kasanova’s style… Since jamaican artist Kasanova has popping Onstage (to watch video click here) to suggest who is the « teacha » between him and Alkaline, the number of videos commenting this news on youtube is growing fast revealing that this affirmation is taken a minimum seriously under consideration around the Web. The topic is about loyalty, entertainment and music. We can read titles like « Kasanova Calls Alkaline Disloyal With A Manufactured Character« , « Alkaline try to make a fast impact b4 Casanova talk onstage », « Foota Hype Talks Alkaline & Kasanova Image ? Plus Mentioned Vybz Kartel & Bounty Killa« , « Alkaline’s friend kasanova is a sell out ». What conclusions can come out of all these videos? Answer : there are three types of commentories. Some think that Alkaline is the real talent while some starts to doubt about it or admit that maybe it is not so a good look to be qualified as the carbon copy by a former highschool friend. Some videos also are coming to the conclusion that is not a coincidence and Alkaline is a scam, a fraud and thief.

What seems clear is that the sound and the appearance of Alkaline are not unique and that Kasanova is not coming to lie or create feud. So what could be the reasons? The movement could be more spiritual (in a musical way) than marketing? Abana Magazine has questionned the Internet and Kasanova himself. There seems to be some major disagreements going between both artists. First on the controvertial point of being gay in dancehall and in Jamaica : Alkaline is said to be gay by Kasanova, Alkaline being gay confirmed by different videos on youtube. Secondly on the controvertial point of Gaza and Vybz Kartel’s vs Vendetta side with Alkaline : Alkaline is not only presented by the media as the new world boss in the making, the artist is obviously working to ban Kartel from his throne. On his side, Kasanova keeps firm in his loyalty to the world boss, affirming : « I am a supporter and fan of Vybz Kartel and Gaza, and i am the most prominent Gaza artist next to Vybz Kartel without a shadow of a doubt ». Time will tell if the media should rather cover Kasanova… until then listen to the original voice of Kasanova with this new music video out, released couples days ago now and « already outshining other artist work released that same time period » adds Kasanova. The title is « Now You Know – May 2017 »

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« Kasanova – Now You Know – May 2017 »