Abana Magazine Celebrations Calendar Of 2017 Ina Real Time

In order to enjoy a productive and prosperous 2017, the new year’s challenge always needs us to find first of all a fresh and new idea that will then manifest all along the year. Beyond the usual resolutions of finding the perfect love, losing weight, exercising more, or getting finances in order, we have found this time a fresh idea that could appear later to be the most promising and genuine idea for the year, uplifting as well our rastafari approach of reality.

This idea came in our mind inspired by our wish to travel more in Jamaica and experience from there our love for the jamaican music and culture. Traveling is one of the richest experiences life can give a person. It broadens your horizons in more ways than one! The people you meet, the place you see, the cultures you experience. These are things that can help you grow as a person and leave you with rich and important memories to take with you throughout your life! Plus, its just so fun! Traveling To Kingston Jamaica is an extraordinary experience for the real music lovers and the rastarockaz people because it is the place « Where Music Never Stop And Most Of It Started »… More than half a century later after the birth of Rock steady, Kingston remains a refuge for artistic, free-spirited types of tourists and locals. Nowadays, the most popular music is dancehall, ahead of the high spirituality genre of the roots reggae music powered by the rastafarian movement during the 70’s. Bleaching, whine and tattooes is the trend now among the new generation of creative people. Whatever, Kingston’s music industry preserves its creative energy in heritage, and inspire at the highest level the rest of the world.

« Ina Real Time »: Ina Real Time is the name given to our fresh and challenging idea of the year. It is first of all a calendar of celebrations but also some real life events. This new program « Ina Real Time » aims to be like a short narrative online that invites the reader to travel, not physically and geographically, but mentally or emotionally through the history of Jamaica. A travel « above » to remind us for instance that, whatever is happening now, most jamaican national celebrations evoke the sacred moment of their freedom following the legal abolition of British colonial slavery. During all the year, Jamaica’s national calendar of celebrations includes a great number of Historico-cultural comemorations, developped in a variety of forms, that are meant to invite the locals to collectively celebrate their liberty, to keep the memory of their past history and also the remembrance of the motherland Africa.
This month is no exception to that rule. Rastafarian communities were dedicated the celebration of the Ethiopian Christmas (Melkam Genna) on January 7th. January 7th also marks for the gaza nation and dancehall fans the birthday date of the worldboss dancehall artist Vybz Kartel. In Kingston on january 7th for sure you’ve got to find party, roots reggae, nyabinghi or dancehall.

Much more events are taking place all over the year. It’s fun to come and party in Kingston mostly if you are aware about all the national or rastafarian events.