King Of Trenchtown: Cush Hunta Ft Bob Marley – Nice Time Number One Song Of May 2016

King of Trenchtown : Congratulations to Cush Hunta with his song « Nice Time » (featuring Bob Marley) is the first number One Song Of 2016 on the Play N Vote Dancehall Reggae Charts. The song is produced by Triple L Records, the studio based in Trench Town and owned by Orville Stoddart.
The song is available for download on itunes since March 2015 on to the link

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Cush Hunta / TripleLRecords : Twitter @triplelrecords


This Biography serves to introduce you to Mr. Kashif Omar Downs, Kashifs Mother Angeta Latty gave birth to a bouncing baby boy after leaving Kingston to spend time with her Mom in the parish of St. Mary, after giving birth Miss Latty headed back to Kingston with Kashif where she resided, Trench Town to be exact. While being back in Kingston with his Mom he also spent valuable time with his Dad as well, who at the time was living and working in the community of Waterhouse. However it was at the age of six he journeyed back to St. Mary where he attended Port Maria Primary School, moving back to his birth parish himself and his brother was being raised by his Great-grandmother. While attending Port Maria Primary Mr. Downs was an active student where he took part in the many sporting activities the school had in place but it was in the evenings after school he would find himself taking part in various musical activities and it was in those after school moments Mr. Downs grew closer and closer to his passion and his dream of being a Deejay. Mr. Downs was also exposed to various sound systems in the community of Port Maria and was at an advantage because his Granduncle was the owner of a Sound System and it was at that moment after being an active Deejay on the sound by voicing Dub plates for his Granduncle he would realize that he had a natural talent for the music.
After completing primary school Mr. Downs headed back to Kingston as a teenager where he would continue his education by attending evening classes to further his education and be qualified for the job his heart so desire but while attending classes Mr. Downs also saw it fit to learn a trade so he pursued to getting a skill in the field of auto-body repairs that would help to finance and take care of his responsibilities. At the time of attending classes and learning his trade Mr. Downs would always visit various music studios in Kingston such as Tubby’s, Black Scorpio, Penthouse and Jammy’s where he would be auditioned and based on his performance he would be selected as an artiste who would record for the relevant producers. In the years that followed while getting better and better at his deejay craft he met and formed a relationship with established reggae producer/artiste sugar roy, the connection between himself and Sugar Roy would lead to Cush’s first single been released entitled “kotchulla” on the ratchet riddim. The single enjoyed much success and gained Mr Downs a loyal and supportive fan base which spurred him to seek the attention of the main stream media outlets, this decision was an excellent idea which reaped instant success with the production of his first hit song entitled “GREENS” which speaks to the many debates regarding the Rasta man’s vegetarian and Non vegetarian preferences. The independently produced single on the dollar sign productions label made a big impact on the local scene and got regular rotation on the major local reggae radio station Irie FM.
Encouraged by the overwhelming response to “GREENS” Cush buckled down and went to work where he partnered with various producers and collaborated with artiste of a diverse appeal, his pavement pounding efforts created opportunities for him to perform on major local shows such as CURE FEST and REBEL SALUTE. In march of 2009 Cush Hunta reconnected with his longtime friend who hails from the Allman Town community like himself and a person who is also extremely passionate about the local music industry, the encounter with Cush and Mr. Hunter led to the formation of Cornerstone Productions. Mr. Hunter along with Mr. Darlton Fuller being good friends as well as music enthusiast in Canada started to manage Cush’s career, the strategic partnership however saw rejuvenation in Cush’s career after a one year hiatus from the limelight. The combination of Calvin and Darlton sparked instant success as Cush made an impressive comeback on the music scene with the release of a comical follow up to his “GREENS” single, the track was titled “Mawga Bwoy” and based on the rotation it was getting it led to his management team putting a video together which helped to enhance the airplay it got on the radio as well as the dancehall. In the same year of 2009 Cush’s management team saw it fit to gain exposure for him and the best way they could do so was to get him on upcoming shows such as GIANTS OF THE 80’S, CELEBRITY WET-WET,FULLY LOADED as well as the popular Appleton Temptation Isle an annual event been held in the tourist resort of Negril however in the latter part of 2009 the management team through their hard work and integrity got a deal for Cush to perform on the biggest one night show on the island (STING). After a breathtaking performance at Sting the management team reshuffled its objective and started to focus on the International market and it was at that moment Canada was sighted as the first area of focus and it was there and then he performed internationally for the first time alongside veterans such as Marcia Griffiths, John Holt and Ken Boothe at the highly anticipated show called”Reggae Giants”.
The Management team would take it much further where they were responsible for recording his second single titled “ No Skylarking” featuring the reigning Queen of Reggae Marcia Griffiths a track which had Triple L responsible for the beat as well as the introduction of the song, however that project would spark further works In the pipeline with Cush Hunta and Triple L records where he recorded numerous tracks that got heavy rotation internationally and locally, however the tracks did not peak as well as they would have wanted them to so they both went back to the drawing board where they came up with the new hit single titled “COUNTRY” the track speaks to real life happenings both locally and internationally and is steadily gaining momentum for itself and is getting tremendous airplay on Irie FM from radio presenter Queen Elise Kelly and other radio Disc Jocks. The professionalism that both men have displayed has now leaded to Cush Hunta being signed to the Triple L record label.