Social Media Buzz : Ras Bogle Is Coming With My Sweet Jamaica

Boasted by the release of his brand new LP album, the master mind of reggae known as Ras Bogle is engaged to integrate his name deeper in the vast digital social media, streaming every one of his newest songs at the major social marketing platforms such as twitter, facebook and youtube.

Rasta Bogle’s LP titled « It’s My Birthplace », is 10 original tracks sending to both dancehall and reggae fans worldwide words of peace, prosperity and positive soulful vibes.

In order to interact online with more reggae dancehall lovers, and to announce his next official video drop, Ras Bogle has embarked since february 2016 in his first marketing campaign on facebook, integrating the lead single off his new album named « My Sweet Jamaica (It’s My birthplace) » to facebook ad.

This song « My sweet Jamaica » is one of the kind with the potential of a gem. There are a lots of awesome things about this track. First off it is all about the lyrics as an anthem for Jamaica, « the land we love ». It is also about the rejuvenating power of the sound track melody, and the dancing reggae beat. A full work in harmony that should enchant you and invite you to rewind the song again and again.

The song « My Sweet Jamaica » is also featured on several youtube chanels, along side some others new songs by Ras Bogle released since March 2016 such as « Nuh Trust Dem » dropped on « In A Reggae Mood Riddim », « Facing It Hard » played on « Easy Loving Riddim », and « Call Wi Name » released on « Wave The Money Riddim ».

The facebook promotion aims to reach 20 000 + impressions over the social media audience, mostly located in Jamaica but also in Europe. Building the buzz from the social media could be the signal for greater things to come for Ras Bogle in the year ahead, or at the very least of some bigger buzz in the physical world.

Ras Bogle dropped into the scene with his epic track « woman of the year » (produced by SMS Productions), his most successful song to date, alongside « Cry For Justice. Since then, the rastafarian artist has kept showing progress and determination on his road for success.

“It’s My Birthplace” by Ras Bogle is available online worldwide since December 2015, published on the Mind Music Productions. For who is interested to see what else Ras Bogle has in store, get a listen to the following link

Twitter / IG @therealrasbogle