Reggae Artiste Jah Rooti On The Rise With New Single Titled Hush

« Hush » is the name of the latest Jah Rooti single that everybody is talking about. It’s already a favorite in the dancehall and reggae spaces around the world. The song is filled with melodies and a fusion of dancehall, soca, reggae, ragga, and pop to top it off. The song is about a typical touring artiste, who seems not to be able, to spend enough quality times with the love of his life.

Jah Rooti, the rootical singer named by his parents as Keron Bernard is a conscious Singer from the Parish of St Elizabeth, Jamaica. St. Elizabeth is also the birthplace of many big Reggae stars, such as Maxi Preist, Protoje, Jah Mason, Fanton Mojah, Ginjah, and the list goes on and on.

The tour is now over and after booking his ticket home, Hush is the comforter and the lyrics is the anchor to keep her interest. The term « hush » is a solace used mainly in Jamaica, meaning – never mind or don’t worry. Most people who are not from Jamaica often misinterpret this to mean – ‘shut up’, instead of something comforting, which it’s really meant to be.

Link to download the song on iTunes