Ras Bogle Presents His New Album « Its My Birthplace »

Born Hemrick Bogle, known to fans as Ras Bogle burst on to the music platform with his hit single called: Woman Of The Year which gained traction locally and internationally, the track was produced by SMS Productions on the All Rise rhythm. The single enjoyed heavy rotation on radio and cable stations, as a result the track proved versatility and positivity of Ras Bogle as an artiste. The artiste is also known for other tracks titled: Give Thanks Fi Life and We Got Love. As the artiste launches in to 2015 with full force with his recent hit called More, Ras Bogle is confident that this song will be a favorite among fans and a staple on the playlist of many disc jockeys.

Artist: Ras B
Title: It’s My Birthplace
Genre: Reggae
Year: 2015
Format: MP3

01. Ras Bogle – Where I Am From (2:41)
02. Ras Bogle – Hard Road (3:36)
03. Ras Bogle – Keep Your Head up High (3:12)
04. Ras Bogle – Happy to Be Blessed (3:03)
05. Ras Bogle – Still Me and You (3:48)
06. Ras Bogle – It’s My Birthplace (3:57)
07. Ras Bogle – Libra Scale (2:43)
08. Ras Bogle – Gangsta (2:52)
09. Ras Bogle – Stay Young (2:45)
10. Ras Bogle – Jah Love Remain the Same (3:30)

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AMAZON : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0184VSUMQ?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0