Black History Month Tribute To Bob Marley By Selector UK Rondon

Here comes the time to celebrate Bob Marley… Dennis Brown, Queen Nanny, Marcus Garvey, Trench Town and the jamaican African Heritage… In Jamaica the Black History Month is also called the Reggae Month. The Black History Month starts straight the first day of the month, with the tribute to Dennis Emmanuel Brown’s earthstrong. The Reggae Month has also to renew every year the tribute to the legendary Bob Marley, universal ambassador of Trench Town, since this mystic place is the birthplace of rocksteady and reggae music. FREE DOWNLOAD / LISTEN / LIKE / SHARE this 2015 tribute to Bob Marley by Selector UK Rondon from VRL Radio

BOB MARLEY MIX 1945-1981 by Www.Vrlradio.Co.Uk on Mixcloud