Jah Rooti Teamed Up With German Remix King Don Goliath For New Project

After the huge success of Skrillex & Damian Jr Gong Marley- Mek It Bun Dem « Single » rootsstep has once more made its mark in Jamaica and the world. Music from Germany and Jamaica is now a frequent experiment by music producers to fuse both dubstep and reggae to come up with a heavy bassline tumping sound called Rootsstep. Now banking on the popularity of this new sound rising roots reggae singer Jah Rooti has teamed up with official remix king from Germany to release their latest project called « Mr DJ » which is already doing well on major radio stations in Europe. The Song is the typical high energy kicker and is saturated with a real club bassline grove that is ready for the clubs, dances, parties etc.
Two artistes from different parts of the world had one vision. That vision has become a reality with the release of the « Mr DJ » single, Produced by Dubstep Division Recording in Germany and featured on the album Rootsstep to the world, vol. 8.
This single is available for sale on/in all major digital music store worldwide.
Purchase from Amazon here : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ELQJWRG/ref=cm_sw_su_dpG