Producer ‘Jahlight Records’ Speaks The Story Behind The ‘Seize The Day Riddim’ – Interview & Review Track by Track

Producer ‘Jahlight Records’ Speaks The Story Behind The ‘Seize The Day Riddim’ – Featured Starring Artistes – Interview And Review Track by Track

Upon its release, The Seize The Day Riddim’ received generally positive reviews from the reggae music community from Europe to Carribean islands, United States or Africa. On December 4 2012, not long after unveiling the artwork for the record and its tracklisting, Jahlight Records presented to the world the ‘Seize The Day Riddim’ on all major digital outlets through BFM Digital.
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When did the ‘SEIZE THE DAY RIDDIM’ project has started ?
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It’s a pleasure. We at JahLight Records had the riddim itself at least a year before we actually started the project. After the release of our Final Chapter Riddim we decided to start this project as the timing was fitting to release another riddim project. This was initiated with the intent that it would be our final reggae riddim release for 2012. Queen Omega was the first artist to voice on the riddim and from there we worked on getting other artists for the project. So officially we started recording from the month of August and the project itself was completed by November 2012 to be released in December.

8 artists are featured in this riddim : Queen Omega, Fyakin, Roxy Singh, Jah Defender, Fireson Bantu, Djamakeita, Zally, Jah Van I.

What can you tell us about this present collaboration with Queen Omega ?
Queen Omega is one of our favourite reggae artists. She is very humble, conscious minded individual with an exceptional talent. Actually when I started the label officially in 2010 she was one of the first artists that I began recording and it was there I really learned how to record vocals. Queen Omega and JahLight Records have a very close relationship. When she is in Trinidad she records all her songs at JahLight Records for her international producers. So a collaboration with Queen Omega and JahLight Records is not far fetched. When she came to the studio to voice for one of her European producers I played the riddim for her and as she heard it she sang the chorus. We then spoke about the arrangengement and a short time afterwards she came to the studio and laid down her parts and there it was. The result is a beautiful song featuring Queen Omega and Fyakin.

How would you introduce Fyakin and Jah Defender to the world ? What about your collaboration with these artists ?

It’s a blessing. Fyakin is the very first Jamaican artist to voice with JahLight Records so he remains special to heart. In addition he is a very talented artist that is always ready and willing to work. He is one of the best new generation reggae artist I ever heard. We just love his voice. Our relationship began In 2011 when we sought him to record on our massive ‘Passover Riddim’, where he voiced the impressive ‘High High’. Fyakin a fan of Queen Omega’s music requested the collaboration with her so we waited till we sought the right riddim for it. The Seize the Day Riddim was just fitting for the occassion. This takes us to Jah Defender, another artist with a very unique talent. He is one of the Trinidad reggae artists that we always listened to, eager to do a track with but somehow we never got to team up with until now. Jah Defender and I spoke on many occasions via facebook and one day he came to me and said he wanted us to work together and excited about the collaboration we sent him the riddim and from there we started work immediately. He is truly one of the best reggae talents in my island and regionally in our view.

Jahlight Records has released earlier this year a track with the trinidad female rising vocalist, Roxy Singh (featuring Rich Angel) with the song ‘I Miss You’. on the R’n’B style ‘Soon Come Riddim’. How comes the idea to present Roxy Singh on the one drop reggae ‘Seize the day ridim’ ?
Well Roxy Singh is an artist that is apart of the JahLight Records family. She is a close friend and collegue in the music industry. Her first commercially available song entitled ‘What’s Going On’ was recording with us on our 2011 Mount Zion I Riddim. Since our inception she has been with us. So if we plan a riddim project we always try to include her. We firmly believe that she is one of the best female reggae vocalist out there. Not only is she a great singer but a outstanding song writer also. If we give her a riddim she usually does a fine job at getting a beautiful song voiced on it. So that being said she was an ideal choice for our Seize the Day Riddim.

Jah Van I is also featured on this riddim. What is the story behing this collaboration ?
Jah Van I’s management / agent Royal Warriors Musiz contacted us with the song from their artists Jah Van I and Djama Keita. The latter was intentionally supposed to be on the riddim. However they did a song on the project with Jah Van I as well and being professional they brought it to my attention. I heard the track and was blown away by his voice and smooth delivery. We told them to send us the mix of the song and from there we added it to the rest of tracks and all were mastered collectively. It’s one of my favourites.

How do you explain that so much people, artistes included,
appricilove so much The ‘SEIZE THE DAY RIDDIM’ ?

JahLight Records have continually tried to provide quality reggae music for the masses. People love the authentic reggae vibe of the riddim. The riddim is beautifully constructed and the artists all did a great job to provide songs to make it a potential success. The songs were positive and strong. The Seize the Day riddim has a unique concept behind it. The theme instructs us to value our time, making the best of it and all people can relate to that. The people loved the artwork for the CD for it was unique, very creative and wonderfully complemented the theme. Our presentation to the people within the way we promoted it helped to create that buzz that was necessary. Likewise the help of so many people such as music industry collegues and fans
was very instrumental as they all jumped in and helped to promote it. Reggae Earth United featured the riddim in their 2012 competition and the winning song by Zally was voiced on the Seize the Day Riddim. This helped boost its publicity. So to all we give thanks. However most of all if it wasnt for God our Father it would not at all be possible. So we give Him all praise.

Have you a special message for the artistes such as Djamakeita, Fireson Bantu or Zally who have chosen to submit their song dedicated to Mama Earth on your riddim for the Reggae Earth United Contest 2012 ?
Special thanks to Abana Magazine and Reggae Earth United for allowing us the opportunity to meet such good reggae artists. For without the introduction via the competition we most likely would not have come together within this time frame for such a project. We say thanks to the artists for providing their songs for the official Seize the Day Riddim release. You all did a great job. It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with you. Keep up the good work. Let God be your guide in everything that you do. Keep the fire burning. Jah Blessings.

Let’s talk about Jahlight future projects for 2013 ? Have you a scoop news for us ?
We look forward for the new year. We have a lot in store. We plan to take it to the next level within our vision, promotion and marketing. In the new year we plan to release our first solo album with upcoming Trinidad reggae artist, the talented Matthew Greenidge. In the upcoming year we also plan to do alot of gospel projects as a means of reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will be releasing for more riddims, Eps, videos, etc. The aim is to expand what we do on all levels. We do look to sharing with you soon. Thanks for your love and kind support. We love you all. Thanks Reggae Earth United for allowing us this opportunity to share with you all. Blessedlove. God blessings.

Give thanks for your anwers King Jahlight