And The Champion 2012 Is …. Zally ‘Unite’

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What did motivate you to get back again into this competition (Last year you were finalist versus the Champion Song 2011 aka MasSicker) ?
Music motivated me and Lisa Irie, because when she told me about it, I’m like naah and she wouldn’t stop, she would play the riddims in the competition. When I and I heard JahLight Records « Seize The Day Riddim » I said, « play that again » and I laughed and said, « I like that, hook it up. » Lisa Irie, Abana Magazine, Earth United, and JahLight Records came together and made this possible. Give thanks for the strength.

Could you describe Zally with only five of your songs ? Which ones ? How do you define your style?
I love all my records, but I could pick 5, « Hard Work, » « Alright, » « Sow Some Love, » « Jamaica, » « RoadBlock. »
Anybody listen to these five songs, that is really me. And as for my style, I think my style is right between Capleton and Buju, but I try to stay Zally. I write all my own lyrics, come up with my original melodies, and I got me, I like my style. That’s Zally.

What are your current and future projects ?
My current project is working on my own EP. I already recorded all the songs.
My future project is to record a Live Reggae Album. In the meantime, I am voicing for a lot of different producers, as long as I am feeling tha vibe you know? Rastafari.

As a jamaican, could you comment this year of 50th of Independance for Jamaica ? what is positive in this history ? what is the negative ? Is the positive above the negative ?
The positive is always above the negative, we’ve been going through 50 years of growth and Reggae music plays a big role and a positive one. Negative energy is the politics they bring in the music. Rastafari is a positive thing about Jamaica, we got great athletes, teachers, doctors, you name them. But this colonialism is messing up the third world countries. As I say u know politics don’t help nobody, unity is strength.

Last words are yours. Have you some words for your fans or the whole world ?
Just be loving and full joy life you know, as the song say. I tell it all in that record, « Unity. » Don’t listen to the government, they get paid to mislead the people; listen to yourself, your heart, it never lies, you know? Rastafari.